My Tiny Wedding: The Dress

I didn’t want to spend much on my wedding, so I knew there was no way I was going to buy a gown I’ll possibly only wear once. I spent hours and hours searching for a dress online and in shopping malls, and even considered wearing a dressy white top and skirt at some point. In the end I bought three different white dresses and obviously spent more than I intended to, but the first two are casual, so I can still wear them on regular days.

I very rarely shop for clothes online because photos can’t guarantee quality. Countless products sold online look so much better in pictures than they do in reality. My size also makes it difficult to buy clothes on the internet because there’s no telling if they’d even fit.

However, because Zalora offers free returns, I decided to purchase this dress from their Premium line:


I ordered the dress in the evening on my way home from work and paid fifty pesos for express shipping because I wanted to find out the soonest if it were going to be the dress. To make up for this, I searched for a coupon I could use to bring down the price a bit, though it wasn’t really expensive to begin with. I do this a lot when ordering from Zalora and Lazada. A simple Google search could save you a few hundred bucks! All in all, I spent less than Php1,800.

The following morning, my package arrived and I tried it on immediately. Fortunately, it was a perfect fit. It was much longer on me than how it looks on the model but I personally like the length (mid-calf). The fabric is polyblend, which I think is used in a lot of formal dresses because it doesn’t crease very easily. It’s also quite thick and thus allows the skirt to hold its form. And since it’s not plain white, I can wear it to other formal occasions in the future. I usually prefer smaller prints, but I like how there’s a lot of negative space around the lush florals. The only thing I’m not too keen on are the butterflies because as much as I like the insects themselves, I don’t fancy having them on my clothes.

I sent a photo of me wearing the dress to my mom and my best friends, which they all thought looked nice so they in turn, with the exception of one, also got dresses to wear to the wedding from Zalora. So you’re welcome, Zalora! 😂

Four days to go!

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