Keto and Intermittent Fasting Update


The longest I’ve managed to stick to the ketogenic diet was about six weeks. I’ve never been able to hit any weight loss goal because, as I’ve shared in my previous post about self-esteem, I have a tendency to self-sabotage. Since starting my attempt at reconfiguring my thinking, however, sticking to keto has been a lot easier.

In addition to doing keto, I also started intermittent fasting after about three days, starting with the 16:8 protocol, where I fasted for 16 hours minimum and ate within an 8 hour window. I restarted on the 6th of February, and nearly a month later, I’ve lost around 11 to 13 lbs.

Four days after following 16:8, I decided to push it further and do 18:6, but ended up fasting for over 24 hours instead. I keep a 2 liter water bottle at work, and drinking loads of water was what made that possible. In the end, I decided to do 23:1 OMAD (one meal a day) instead of 18:6 just because it’s easier and cheaper since I no longer have to think about what to eat for lunch.

Aki is on an earlier shift, so he gets home before me and makes dinner for the both of us on most days. I haven’t been extremely strict, however. Some days OMAD is easy, but on others the hunger becomes unbearable that I end up snacking on butter or eating eggs and chicharon.

The effects of keto and fasting are astonishing, as usual. Here’s a comparison between what I do and feel when I eat carbs and what it’s like on keto and IF:


  • three meals a day plus two snacks
  • severe hunger
  • shakiness
  • hanger
  • flatulence
  • low energy after a meal
  • periodically sleepy during the day, lunch time or afternoon naps


  • OMAD, 23 hour fasting window
  • some hunger, but often just thirst
  • no shakiness
  • no hanger
  • no flatulence
  • consistent energy throughout the day
  • no sleepiness until the end of the workday or until bedtime

Some FAQs

Do you not get hungry?

I do, but it never gets as worse as the hunger I feel when I eat carbs, where I get really weak and shaky that I can’t even stand sometimes. The goal is to get into a fat adapted state where the body uses fat stores for energy!

What do you eat?

Meat and non-starchy vegetables. My favorites are beef, eggs, lettuce, broccoli, and cabbage, so I regularly go to Korean barbecue restaurants. 🤣 I have sugar-free chocolates every now and then, but consuming too much of sugar alcohols, which are almost always used in sugar-free sweets, give me the shits. 😂

What time do you eat?

On 23:1 OMAD, I eat when I get home, so around 7 in the evening.

Why do you fast for such a long time?

I have insulin resistant PCOS and my metabolism is very slow. I learned that people with slow metabolism benefit greatly from fasting for longer than 16 hours, so I decided to try and see how it affects me.

I’ll try to update this blog regularly and share developments and progress in my weight loss journey with keto and IF!

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