Study Log (Day 44)


I recently reached level 6 on WaniKani. It took me longer to finish level 5 than I initially anticipated coz for some reason some of the vocabulary gave me a hard time, but I finally completed it after nine days. I also completed N5 on Bunpro, and while it has definitely increased the forms I am able to use, I’m still not able to use most of the grammar points I learned.

I majored in Language Studies in college, so of course I know that language learning is not about studying grammar points, and putting them to use instead makes for a better learning strategy. I use a private Twitter account to practice Japanese but lack of feedback means nobody’s pointing out if I make a mistake, so the learning aspect feels incomplete. I’m planning to work on Genki I and II, like really sit down and work through the exercises on the books, all while still studying kanji on WK.

So, let’s see… At the moment I’ve learned: 140r radicals, 166 kanji, and 344 characters. That feels like a lot in just 44 days, so I feel quite accomplished. I think this is why it’s not difficult for me to stick to WK.

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