Study Log (Day 52)


I stopped doing new lessons on Bunpro after completing N5. I decided I want to learn more kanji before moving up on grammar because the N5 grammar I’ve learned so far still hasn’t stuck. There are many grammar points I still don’t get to use even when I practice writing in Japanese, and sometimes it feels like it’s because I lack the vocabulary to talk about things that would require the use of these structures.

I’m still on level 6 on WaniKani, but hope to level up within the day as I only have six apprentice kanji left. When old items pop up I get a little scared that I won’t get them right, and sometimes I really don’t. Thus, I worry about retention. Having taught English for several years, I know that learning a word is more than just knowing the meaning attached to it. Unless I know how to use it, then I really don’t know it at all. So I know I should be using the words I learn, but I still haven’t gotten around to doing that because the sheer amount of kanji and vocabulary I’ve learned on WK so far overwhelms me.

I suppose I should just start writing sentences with the words and structures I’ve learned.

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