Study Log (Day 81)


WaniKani is getting harder and harder because the kanji I’m learning are getting more and more complex. I kinda understand now why they say Japanese is a high context language.

Learning vocabulary is pretty useless unless you learn a word in context and this is even more evident to me now that I’m learning Japanese and how the meaning of kanji could change depending on what they are attached to, and how sometimes these meanings are so distinct that even if I recognize a kanji in one word, it doesn’t guarantee I’d know what it means if it’s attached to another kanji or to hiragana characters to form an entirely different word.

I feel like my head is about to explode from the wealth of information I’m receiving every day as I dive into the lessons, and it’s even more overwhelming every time I’m reminded that I still cannot use these words. Every time I try writing sentences in Japanese, the words I am able to access and put to use are still the same basic words that I’ve been using for a while.

I’m currently on level 9 and right now my average level up time is at around 9 days. It took me two weeks to finish level 8 since I put my account on vacation mode for a few days the previous weekend as I was busy with my best friend’s wedding.

Anyway, I’m trying to somehow apply what I’ve learned by taking sample JLPT N5 tests, which I find to be immensely helpful in boosting motivation, since my scores have improved a lot. I am now able to recognize more kanji, but my limited grasp of the grammar still frustrates me to no end. I recognize most words, but deciphering meaning is still a huge challenge at the moment.

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